How Real Estate Made Jarrod Glandt a Millionaire by 30

become a millionaire by 30

You don’t need to know anything about real estate to make huge money in real estate. My VP of sales Jarrod Glandt is proof of this.

He’s busy working at his job, he’s working hard all week helping me run my business, so he can’t have his attention, time, and energy on two masters.

In other words, Jarrod doesn’t know any of the details in how to do a real estate deal, he probably doesn’t even know what certain real estate terms mean, such as NOI (net operating income).

He’d have no idea how to find a broker, no idea what to look for and what NOT to look for when buying an income-producing property, and no idea how to run a property if he ever did land one.

But, he’s making big money FAST in real estate.


Cardone Capital

I’m in Houston today looking at new multi-family apartments to invest in for Cardone Capital investors—guys like Jarrod who know nothing about real estate but who are investing alongside me and making BIG money.

Since I’m in Texas, I told Jarrod to do my weekly Real Estate podcast in our Miami studios.

Here are Jarrod’s 3 tips to become a millionaire by 30:

#1 Income is key.

This is the fuel to your car. You can’t get rich without feeding investments. Income gets you in the game.

Before you can invest in real estate, you need to make enough income to invest something!

By the way, you can invest in Cardone Capital for as little as $10,000.

#2 Commitment long-term.

Over time is how real estate works. You can’t be impatient in this game.

This isn’t the lottery where you’ll be a millionaire tomorrow, but it is the lottery over time.

If you want to 10X your money, if you want to retire one day, stick your income into a long-term property that will pay you cash flow each month and appreciate in value.

#3 Mitigate risk.

The stock market is a casino. You want your money where it will not only give you cash flow, but it will mitigate your risks!

Too many young people throw all their money at risky investments and lose it all.

Real Estate is a proven investment vehicle that has made many people wealthy.

Learn more about Cardone Capital and how you too can invest in real estate—even if you know nothing about real estate!

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