Investing in Your Business vs. Real Estate

investing in a business vs investing in real estate
There’s a place where all real estate investment deals live. They are divided into the land of the scalable and non-scalable business investment. Larger deals tend to be scalable… real scalable. Since we are all about 10x’ing here, we’re going to go with the scalable deals. After all, why settle for a small deal that doesn’t allow itself to grow? You can try to force the appreciation on small deals by fixing them up, but then you’re getting close to your competition. Which has way nicer units with a lot more to offer for only an extra $200. Cardone Capital wants you to join us on the scalable side in order for you to get the passive income you deserve. Here we’ve got you covered with investing in a business vs investing in real estate. The Internal Revenue Service eats up the taxes on earned income and barely touches the tax on passive income. Therefore, it simply makes sense to invest in passive income. I encourage you to use your current cash flow to invest in passive income that is going to grow without hurting you. All wealthy people understand how amortization, depreciation and appreciation work. These are words most people are scared of, but when you invest in Cardone Capital, we educate you on what you’re doing with your money and make it grow at the same time. Our deals are transparent so that you can trust us without fear, no middleman here. We are genuinely inviting you to the land of the scalable. Want to know who lives in the land of the scalable? People like Jared Kushner for example; he has more than $4.34 billion in transactions, which are all in multifamily portfolios and hotels. How? By extending his network of partners and lenders. If you’re working hard for your earned income, let us take care of your passive earnings. One day, your passive income will outgrow your earned income and then you will really be scaling.

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