Commercial Real Estate Vs. Stocks

commercial real estate vs stocks

Would you rather have $100 million in real estate that cash flows OR would you rather have $100 million in a stock?

That begs the question, what stock and what real estate are we talking about here?

How long is the investment period for?

Go to Google and there’s not one data report on commercial real estate vs stocks. But I’m here to tell you that if you take one of the best stocks, an Apple or a Google, and compare it to a good piece of property like an apartment building, there are 3 main reasons you should go with the real estate OVER the stock.

#1 Control

You have more control in real estate than you do with stocks. When you buy a stock, you don’t control what happens to the business—you just hope it goes well.

#2 Leverage

You can spend $30 to get $100 in real estate, but to get $100 in stock you need to spend $100.

#3 Cash Flow

Stocks don’t give you a monthly check!

No matter how you look at it, the bottom line is that commercial real estate gives you more control, leverage, and cash flow than stocks give you.

That’s why I don’t invest in stocks, I invest in real estate. But you have to make the choice for yourself. It’s the red pill or the blue pill.

Do you want something with more control, more leverage, and more cash flow, or do you want something that has a higher potential to moon but also a higher potential to crash? I hope you got your answer to commercial real estate vs stock market. So invest in it and make money in real estate.

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