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Are you ready for the next recession? Is your portfolio “recession-proof”?

Think… in the last recession, I’m talking 2008 here, we woke up to find that the American people lost $10.2 TRILLION in wealth…

Wiped out from our economy…  That’s a fact according to Business Insider.

Besides the initial fallout and scrambling to stay afloat, eventually people started to think about how to protect themselves from next time – the next recession.

So what have people done to protect themselves and their retirement accounts and savings? What have people done to grow their wealth?

Not much it turns out…

To add insult to injury, saving and not spending money goes against human nature.  According to a NBC News sponsored study, we are programmed to make BAD choices when it comes to money and investments.

We spend too much money on instant gratification purchases and un-needed things that make sure to not leave enough for saving for retirement or investing.  In fact, the more cash-strapped and tight your budget is, the more you psychologically want instant gratification. The same NBC study shows people making under $30,000 spend more money on going out to eat and on lottery tickets than they do saving or on life essentials.

So let’s say you’re not one of those people and you’ve saved your money and have a stock portfolio.

Think you’re ahead of the game?

You’re not…

According to The Motley Fool the average investor has earned total returns of just 2.5% over the past 20 years. The S&P has done better with an average return of 9.5%

How about cryptocurrency investors? They are now face seeing 90% of their profits and principal wiped out in just 12 months.  In 24 hours the market plunged $15 BILLION and is at the lowest level of the year according to CoinDesk.

So how are these investments going to make you recession-proof?

How are you NOT going to crumble?

My investments have made an average of 15-20% or more for me.  They also do something that Wall Street can’t – they produce monthly CASH FLOW for me and will appreciate over time.

Real estate investing is the way that many of the wealthiest people on this planet have created indestructible, generational wealth.

And not just any real estate. Not houses, where your money is trapped in a lie called equity. No, the true creators of wealth, learned to buy property that generates income, is scalable and appreciates over time. Multifamily apartment complexes with units in the hundreds are a unique opportunity that exist in real estate.

But you need to know how to find the deals, how to get the deals and what to do with them.

I’ve spent 25 years perfecting how I approach my real estate investments. You can take advantage of what I’ve learned through my courses and programs and tackle it on your own. OR you can invest with me through Cardone Capital.

Many retirement funds can be self-directed now, so I urge you to do your due diligence, learn what is going to create wealth for you consistently, and for sure. The first rule of investing is NOT TO LOSE MONEY.

Don’t gamble or speculate on your future. That’s exactly what you’re doing when you play the stock market.

Get your portfolio invested in something that will pay you monthly and appreciate given enough time – REAL ESTATE.

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