Your cybersecurity is important to us and we have safeguards in place to protect your financial data, personal data and your nonpublic personal information (hereinafter referred to collectively as “NPI”).

Our Verification Process

 If you want to have a conversation regarding account specific information, our investor relations personnel will qualify the calls prior to releasing any account or investment details. Current investors will be required to confirm some or all of the following:

  • The last 4 digits of their social security or EIN numbers
  • The mailing address on file
  • Date of birth
  • Some callers may be required to send a picture ID from the email address on file

Sensitive financial data, such as updates to your banking or your personal identification, will be updated via the online portal.  We will not request banking information over the phone or via email. If you are asked to reveal banking information please do not give anymore information via telephone, mark down any information you can regarding the call and disconnect the communication immediately. Then, call Investor Relations so that we may assist you in reporting the possible fraud.

Here is how you can validate who we are, be sure you are communicating with only one of the following:

Company emails

Personal work emails are the first name of the ‘associate’ All Cardone Capital employees can be located on the official website-

Company Telephone Numbers

  • Cardone Capital – 833.822.7435
  • Investor Relations Mobile Number 1- 305.409.1440
  • Investor Relations Mobile Number 2- 305.409.0242
  • Investor Relations Mobile Number 3- 305.407.0276
  • Ryan Tseko – 480.225.8227
  • Cardone Enterprises- 310. 777.0255

How We Collect Information

We will only contact you from the emails listed above, in the previous section.

Look out for emails that are variants of our email addresses, such as:

Common Schemes

Were you asked to transfer money?

If you do not recognize or know the process, sender or the person in question, this is most likely a phishing attempt. For example, if you are contacted through a social media networking site after you have been corresponding through our Investor Relations emails or the portal.

Even if you do know the sender, you still need to be careful as it could be a spear phishing email where the fraudster is pretending to be a known contact. In this case, use the existing contact details you already have for the sender to get in touch with them by telephone and confirm the validity of the email.

You will be advised to complete funding or obtain wire instructions on the Cardone Capital portal Wire instructions will only be provided upon request if the investor cannot complete funding through the portal.

You can identify the validity of the Cardone Capital website by the following global SSL symbol:

CardoneCapital SSL Symbol

Are there discrepancies in the content?

Does the email contain “a call to action” that would prompt you to respond? For example, you are told that you have won a prize in a competition and you need to confirm your prize.

Personal datum is requested: This is always a warning sign. No company, bank or any other genuine service provider would send you an email asking for information such as your login details, passwords or credit card data.

What is the domain name?

Check if the link contains any spelling mistakes: Phishers often use thousands of similar domains that are only slightly different (e.g.

Are there any obvious spelling mistakes in the body of the email? Look for misspelled word and odd phrasing. Look for any discrepancies in images or logos. These may also be signs of phishing.

  • First and foremost, check the spelling of the URLs in email links before you click or provide personal nonpublic information
  • Be aware of any “redirects”, where you’re sent to a different website with identical design. Look at the phone numbers on the website. Sometimes fraudsters even put the country code on the fake website when it is supposed to be a US website.
  • If you receive an email from a source you know but it seems suspicious, contact that source with a new email, rather than just hitting reply.
  • Don’t post personal data, like your birthday, vacation plans, or your address or phone number, publicly on social media. Do not post a copy of your distribution check no matter how tempting!
  • Tell us at once about spear phishing emails purporting to be from Cardone Capital!


Cardone Capital is a multifamily real estate investment firm. That is all we do.  We do not do any trades, investments, business, deals or anything with any companies with respect to Bitcoin, gold trading or Forex. If you receive any offer, email or request involving any cybercurrency, Bitcoin, Forex, or gold trading, it is a scam and can be reported to We will not ask for you to send money through any social media platform or from any of our “personal” email addresses.  Never be afraid to ask our staff to verify who we are.

How to Report Scams to Cardone Capital

If you are in receipt of what you believe to be a fake Cardone Capital email, website, and or person impersonating a member of our staff, please immediately send a synopsis of what transpired along with any supporting evidence to

We are one of the leading multifamily funds globally, with over $1.3 Billion AUM. We will never ask for your personal information over the phone or via email. If you receive an email you believe to be a scam, please send it to

Protecting your identity is very important to us, and we take great efforts to make sure your information is fully protected.