cardone capital equity fund closing

Cardone Capital, a Miami-based multi-family investment firm, completed funding of its $45 million fund in just under 7 months using social media—including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat—as its crowdsourcing platform.

The Cardone Equity Fund purchased two investment properties for more than $100,000,000.

The 507-unit Woodway Square property located near the Galleria Mall in Houston, TX property was purchased off-market from Fairfield Residential, one of the leading apartment owners in the world.

The other property, Murano, was an upscale apartment complex totaling 240 units, centrally located in Orlando, FL.

Cardone assumed the existing Fannie Mae loan with the Fairfield Group. On the Orlando property, Cardone used Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association of America, a $109 billion dollar holding company, for the debt.

Both deals were brokered by Robert Given of Cushman Wakefield, a global leader in the commercial real estate space.

Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone Capital, said, “The real estate we are buying has traditionally been available only to the large institutions (think Blackstone, Vanguard, Fidelity, Fairfield) and out of reach to everyday investors.  I am making extraordinary investments available to the everyday person.”


Woodway Square HoustonThe Woodway Square property is located next to million-dollar homes and backs up to Whole Foods (Amazon) and across from the largest Baptist Church in Texas, The Second Baptist Church. Ryan Tseko, portfolio manager, notes that “the 15.671-acre site includes the largest private recreational park and greenspace of any multi-family community in Houston, one of America’s greatest job growth cities and home of the 2017 World Series Champions Houston Astros.”


Murano Apartments
Murano was completed in 2016 and comprises 240 luxury apartment cash flow positive homes in an elegant and modern four-story structure across from the Ritz Hotel in Orlando.

Grant Cardone and Cardone Capital are planning to launch their 4th fund, Cardone Equity Fund IV, to raise $100 million privately from accredited investors, and are planning on registering with the SEC to offer interests in a Regulation A+ fund to allow non-accredited investors access to his deals.

About Cardone Capital

Cardone Capital is a private-equity real estate firm that specializes in incoming producing product, mostly in the multifamily housing sector.

With 25+ years of experience in the real estate industry, the firm acquires, improves, and operates multifamily real estate in growth markets in five states; Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Texas and Florida.

Cardone Capital’s mission is to identify, acquire and manage income-producing properties in great locations that provide opportunities for investors to preserve capital investments, collect consistent cash distributions while providing future capital appreciation of the assets.

GC, Cardone Capital.

Our offerings under Regulation D Rule 506(c) are available to accredited investors only.

For our Regulation A offering:

Until such time that the Offering Statement is qualified by the SEC, no money or consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response prior to qualification, such money will not be accepted. No offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is qualified. Any offer may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance given after the qualification date. A person’s indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind. Our Offering Circular, which is part of the Offering Statement, may be found at